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We hope Stonejax products are enjoyed by good friends who share with new friends. Stonejax is a value-based organization aspiring to provide innovation, seasoning, axes, art, apparel, music, audio-videos and party grip. Thank you, Veterans! May we always remember…

Preservation – keep safe from harm or injury, make lasting

Optimization – make perfect or effective as possible

Geography – love people, community, earth and universe

Washougal Studios FAQs:

“Stonejax Baller” lived and worked in south Louisiana. Primary occupation: jackhammer operator or baller. Favorite recreational beverage: wine. Favorite animal: pig. Favorite band: Grateful Dead. Other info: She lost hearing of low pitch sounds via years of exposure to loud noise.


Jack hammer Jill, Chisel great highways,

Easy walkin,

Women in red fill the streets today.

Bustin’ her back like a pig in a pen,

Bayou ballin,

Nothing like feelin’ that Easy Wind.

Her favorite sound at dawn is the Dead,

River talkin,

Never really knows just what he says.

A Stonejax baller who takes sweet sweet time,

Bottle rockin,

Being good to me and drinkin’ her wine.

She say, soon as we make my way outta that pen,

Bayou ballin,

Forever we’ll feel that Easy Wind!

Honey baby please get me outta this pen,

Bayou Baller,

Forever wanna love and feel Big Easy Wind!

Now her favorite sound at dawn is dead,

Bayou Baller,

Cuz she knows she’ll never know just what I said.

I know her favorite sound at dawn was the Dead,

Bayou Baller…

“Chief Stonejax” is a quasi-fictitious (i.e.: Lost City of Atlantis or Huckleberry Finn) human legend (i.e.: Jim Thorpe, Mike Cunningham or David Simpson) who lived in the old days. Loved family and community. Lived in North America, primarily in the regions of present northern Mexico and southern Texas. Traveled extensively. Loved big time. Valued and appreciated children. Respected warriors. Worked hard. Enjoyed good times and lived life. Loved and preferred peace. Helped others. Never murdered anybody. Never enslaved others. Never tortured nobody. Was not vengeful. Did not turn nasty towards folks who showed up where he lived and hunted and roamed. No one ever enslaved him or tried to enslave him or fought to enslave him or wanted to relocate or corral him. No one intentionally gave him disease. No one ripped him off when trading. No one tried to take advantage of him. Had different names throughout his younger life. His chief name was ‘Stonejax.’

Nothing ever happens at a board meeting. CB always brings the maple bars and donut holes.



Chocolate Milk Drinkers of America

Preserve Liberty Series


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Tactical Grip

Ax Life

Washougal Studios

Lost 2nd Stonejax hat ever made


Instagram and YouTube figured out

Stonejax Open and Light Parade



Stonejax was established in July of 2000. “Stonejax” has a few definitions, including a sub-population of lumberjacks and a hypothetical North American Native Chief. An authentic, wise and incredible human and USA Navy war Veteran stated, “War is hell. Don’t ever forget [those humans who courageously stepped up, advanced and sacrificed].” As an organization, Stonejax aspires to carry on a mindfulness, appreciation and love for people, community, earth and universe.

Stonejax is blessed to showcase the expertise and passion of amazing artists. In the spirit of an artist sharing her light with others, we are proud to share with customers’ local communities, in particular, Veteran and military establishments (i.e.: American Legions; VFWs; Military Bases). Input and nominees are welcomed.

For more information and to share your feedback, please email us at info@stonejax.com