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Random Stonejax-related T-Shirt

Random Stonejax-related T-Shirt

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A Random Stonejax-related T-Shirt
Size: unknown
Color: unknown
Image(s): unknown
Shipping Weight: likely ~.5 lbs

This 'product/item' is used internally at Stonejax HQ and remotely when charging or shipping a Stonejax customer or brand ambassador a T-shirt. Random Stonejax-related T-shirts are new merchandise, typically "one-offs" or "extras" and may be included with particular Stonejax products, bulk orders, seasonal promotions and events.

Update: A cool thing about human nature is that some people order this 'product item' on purpose. Please continue to note, if you order this 'product item', you are intentionally purchasing a random T-shirt, per the description information above. Feedback suggests that random Stonejax-related T-shirts make outstanding white elephant gifts among other applications.

See "PRODUCT DESCRIPTION" above for a description of this product, a Random Stonejax-related T-shirt. This product is NOT a T-shirt with a 'Sizing Guide' image.