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Stonejax is delicious on eggs, potatoes and pizza.

Hondo C.

A whole different dimension of seasoning!

Michael from Texas

I put #3 seasoning on everything!

lots of folks

On red potatoes is bomb! Stonejax and olive oil for 55 minutes at 425 degrees.

Kip M.

Unleash the potential of your food with Stonejax seasoning!


Stonejax #3 is a bridge layer to the frontier of craft seasonings!

Chief Appeals Court

Allow yourself to introduce yourself to breakfast with Stonejax #3 seasoning. 


When I think of prime rib, I think of Stonejax!

A Bell

Return of the flavor party!

Chief T Time

Stonejax Fried Chicken

Chicken; Flour; Avocado oil; Stonejax seasoning.

Mix Stonejax and flour

...on a plate or in a bowl. Roll chicken pieces in the mixture.

Heat oil in frying pan

Add chicken and cook both sides until done. Sprinkle a Stonejax topper... and enjoy! 

Stonejax Videos


Production value meets feelings in 'Lumberjack Discipline' by Washougal Studios. 



A Stonejax seasoning consumer tells it like it is... 



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Fern Prairie Market - Camas, WA

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What's your shipping policy?
Seasoning is shipped via the United States Postal Service. Please allow up to 10 days, but we target 5 days.

What foods should I season with Stonejax #3?
Steak, ribs, chicken, fish, pork, french fries, soup, pasta, rice, chili beans, mac and cheese, salads, vegetables, eggs, cottage cheese, avocados, pineapple, popcorn, sunflower seeds, nuts, ranch dressing and other dips.

Are there particular occasions for #3?
Garden parties, ice cream socials, board meetings, birthday parties, neighborhood barbecues, chili cook-offs, crawfish boils, ranch runs, elk camps, fishing derbies, road trips, general good times, reunions, celebrations and music festivals.

Is #3 Seasoning good on bloody marys?

Chief Names

What are Chief Names for?
Chief Names are for Return of the Chief.