About Stonejax


STONEJAX specializes in delicious, craft food seasoning and other fun products. The company was established in the state of Oregon, USA in July of 2000. Stonejax Seasoning was created with ambition to do something cool for military service members, past and present. STONEJAX LIFE aspires to hear good and be one. 

STONEJAX seasoning is blended in limited edition, craft batches. In route to "good on everything," the first Stonejax spice mixture, called Recipe #1, was delicately adjusted to become Recipe #2 which was optimized to arrive at an abiding blend called Recipe #3 or #3. The #3 grizzly bear silhouette on the label authenticates.

Stonejax Seasoning is good on everything and terrific on steak, chicken, fish, fresh and cooked vegetables, potatoes, eggs, soup, beans, stew, salads, hazelnuts, cut cherry tomatoes, avocados, dips, popcorn, sautéed mushrooms, sunflower seeds, Bloody Marys, and much more.

Stonejax Seasoning was historically distributed in 7 ounce bottles as well as 7 pound commercial size containers. As of 2021, Stonejax Seasoning is bottled exclusively in a universal 16 ounce container by volume (which contain 14 ounces of seasoning by weight.)

In the early 2000's, the company's main SWAG products were decals and apparel showcasing artistic creations by the Stonejax Illustrator with a focus on country, liberty and good times.

Currently, we are re-doing our apparel line with higher quality printing. Hopefully, the Stonejax Illustrator's "ONE" T-Shirt will change the world in a great way someday. We offer a line of fun apparel including T-Shirts, Hoodies and Tank Tops.

STONEJAX maintains dedication to hawk and ax innovation. Stonejax throwing hawks are among the first ever to be Cerakoted. Stonejax hawk names are "Garcia," "Haggard," "Fogerty" and "Hendrix." They are a modest tribute to some favorite musicians and are helpful when playing Stonejax Golf.

Stonejax logos and artwork are created by Maria Contreras Morris, an amazing artist and retired art teacher. She is credited as one of the first artists to create descriptive silhouette name drawings. Her artistic innovation and genuine love has no bounds. STONEJAX products and apparel showcase her talents as well as our matching values.

Maria additionally creates Art With Words, collections of readable drawings on a variety of items and apparel, including T-Shirts, hoodies and onesies, showcased and available for purchase at

Art with Words is drawing that combines subject matter such as people, animals or objects with words, resulting in diverse, readable drawings.


The US States collection, which includes the individual Hawaiian islands and the New York City boroughs, focuses on composition of the letters. Other collections, such as Babies and Toddlers; Fish, Fishy Names and Fish Neighbors; or Old-fashioned offer different and distinctive styles.

Optimization - hear good and be one
Preservation - keep safe from harm or injury; make lasting
Geography - love people, community, earth and universe 

In 2023, Stonejax is donating a set of foam ear plugs for each bottle of seasoning purchased because hearing is fun. If someone forgets to utilize applicable hearing protection, you be may be inclined to remind them its, "STONEJAX O'CLOCK." And, that "hearing preservation is as easy to overlook as it is to embrace."

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