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About Stonejax


STONEJAX specializes in delicious, craft food seasoning and functional entertainment. The company was established in the great state Oregon in July of 2000 with ambition to do something cool for military service members, past and present.

Preservation - keep safe from harm or injury; make lasting
Optimization - make perfect or effective as possible
Geography - love people, community, earth and universe

STONEJAX seasoning is blended in limited edition batches of delicious spices united with pride and joy. In route to great on everything, the first spice mixture, called Recipe #1, was delicately adjusted to become Recipe #2 which was optimized to arrive at a savory and abiding blend called Recipe #3. Stonejax Seasoning has been distributed in 8 ounce personal size bottles and 7 pound commercial size containers. In 2021, Stonejax Seasoning Recipe #3 will be bottled in universal 16 ounce containers.

Stonejax maintains dedication to hawk and axe innovation. Like a beaver and a trailblazer walking the Earth together, Stonejax throwing hawks, specifically the Garcia and the Haggard are among the first ever to be both functionally pretty cool and Cerakoted. Thank you for noting what has been and what is yet to come.

Garcia - Released in 2020
Haggard - Coming back in 2021
Fogerty - Release date set for 2022
Hendrix - Release date TBD
*Niner Niner - Release date TBD (*internal name)

STONEJAX logos and such are created by Maria Contreras Morris, an amazing artist and retired art teacher. She is credited as one of the first artists to create descriptive silhouette name drawings. Her artistic innovation and genuine love has no bounds. STONEJAX products and apparel showcase her talents as well as our matching values, including preservation and geography.



When there is no time like a good time, and its time to relax and axe, its STONEJAX O'CLOCK. In 2021, Stonejax is donating a set of foam ear plugs for each bottle of seasoning purchased because hearing is fun and hearing preservation is as easy to overlook as it is to embrace.

We love connecting with distributors, retailers, restaurants, organizations and clubs regarding product for partnerships and fundraisers.


Tel: 512.943.2944

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